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Color Preformations
created by
Dan Reisinger

Color Preformations is an experiment in the free play of colors within given rules,

like a musical motif in a symphony.

The Preformations are based on 18 compositions.

Their repetition by predetermined proportions, according to the

golden cut, creates endless visual possibilities and images.


Freedom is relative to restrictions.


Each of the 18 color compositions is an independent unit and,

at the same time, plays part in a larger configuration.

Furnished at home or  within architectural interiors,

Color-Preformations provides sensual orientation and add emotional

and spiritual quality to a given space

vector basic 18 b.jpg
The Preformations are based on 18 color compositions.
Each of the 18 color compositions is an independent unit...
unit 1.png
...and at the same time a component in a larger configuration.
composition 1.png
unlimited configurations...
unit 3.png
unit 2.png
composition 2.png
green 2.png
green 1.png
חדש מתוקן!!!!_Page_10.jpg
red 1.png
red 2.png
purple green.png
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